When we decided to represent this indigenous Canadian art, we knew we’d have to open a gallery of some sort. So we found this, still pretty sterile looking, but fantastically located property in the city of Den Bosch and decided to go all ‘Extreme-home-make-over’ on it… We had this dream and a vision of a place where people could surround themselves with the art, but not give the sensation of being in a museum. Inspired by a forest lane, starting dark and leading to the light in the distance, we (boldly) chose to paint the walls of the gallery different shades of green and coat the floor in an earthy brown. After all, what could feel more natural than that?

Other than simply look at the art, we wanted people to feel as comfortable as possible. So we invested in great light, sound, furniture and last but certainly not least: coffee! The back of our gallery is also very well equipped to host lectures, workshops, seminars and the like. We’ve already had some sessions there and were able to easily connect the artistic themes with the goals of the sessions. Below, you will find an impression of how the gallery came into existence.

View the transformation of the gallery

Step by step, making our vision a reality.

The minds and hearts behind the art

More about the artists

We invite you to visit our gallery and seek out the piece of art that opens both your heart and your world. Curious about our collection? View some of the art online!

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