Gus Cook

Gus Cook (1982) became interested in the art and history of his people through cultural programs in elementary school. 

Later on, under the direction of his cousin Rande Cook, he discovered repoussé, an old European technique which involves working a sheet of metal from the reverse side in order too produce three-dimensional forms. Taking time to hone his skills, Gus has applied the repoussé technique to jewellery, sculpture and mixed media pieces such as rattles and masks.

Working with metal in this way allows Gus to push the boundaries of Northwest Coast metal art and jewellery, as well as innovate in his approach to visually representing his culture. An admirer of metalwork from as far afield as Europe and South East Asia, his own designs are inspired by First Nation legends. Most recently Gus received the Fulmer Award in First Nations Art from The BC Achievement Foundation.

For us Gus is an artist in the purest form: forever evolving, researching and finding his own interpretation within the realms of his heritage.

Work from this artist