Over the course of the last few years, we have grown increasingly enamoured by Canada; particularly the Northwest. We’ve traveled there many times and each time… it felt a little more like home. We’ve gotten to know some great people and they are getting to know us too. The art is so woven in the texture of society, that it appears quite literally everywhere. We call this form ‘Street Art’. From bridges, to houses, to dumpsters… you name it: there’s bound to be a surprising object around the next corner.

If you know where to look, you will notice the art is heavily inspired by nature. And let me tell you: there’s nothing quite so humbling like Canada’s nature.Allow us to take you on a photographic summary of our travels. We will gradually expand this portion of the website, adding stories, blogs and more media to further enhance your online experience and your kinship with the art we sell.

Canada’s awe inspiring Nature

That’s right; we wrote Nature with a capital N, because of its majesty 🙂

Art is everywhere

Please find below a selection of inspiring public art seen during our travels