Lyle Campbell

Lyle Campbell (1969) is a Haida Native artist who began drawing at the age of eight and carved his first piece of wood when he was fourteen years old.

A former student of the Gitanmax School of Northwest Coast Art in K’san, Lyle has worked with many Northwest Coast artists, including Tsimshian artist Henry Green and Haida artist Robert Davidson.

Although he best known for his wood carving, Lyle is also skilled in other mediums and disciplines, including gold and silver jewellery, painting and print making. After taking a ten-year break from the art world, the work Lyle makes today very much reflects this period of self-discovery. His new style is characterized by bright, bold, free-flowing designs that are both playful and contemporary, while remaining true to the traditional Northwest Coast form line.

Meeting Lyle confirmed our initial gut feeling: that he is not only a talented artist but also a truly remarkable person. The warm memories combined with the energy of that first encounter have us looking forward to the beautiful objects our collaboration will surely bring.

Work from this artist