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Bear Panel, by Carl Stromquist

Bear is watched over by Moon and Guardian spirits and in the down corners Eagle head appears. These indicate all strength, vision, wholeness and protection. 

Bear is one of the most prevalent family crest figures. It symbolizes strength, nourishing and a guardian figure – protector of family and animal kingdom. Bear is perceived as supernatural, because of savageness and great strength. Bear can help spirits of warriors (leaders) with courage and strong will. There is a duality in Bear. He is the symbol of family, but he can seem independent and distant with little need for fellowship.

In this panel, Bear has Salmon eyes. Salmon is a powerful symbol of regeneration and self-sacrifice. For thousands of years the Salmon was the primary food source for the Northwest Coast people. Some People believe Salmon are actually immortal humans who live in villages deep under the ocean. They think in Spring the immortals transform themselves into Salmons and offer themselves as food to people, bears and others who are with hunger. When you throw their skeleton back in the water, they will rise again, because of their immortality. Salmon symbol is about prosperity and renewal.

We believe that the essence lies in recognizing (seeing with Salmon eyes) repeated cycles in life and feeling strength to change things around you. Lead your own way. Basically it is all about trusting yourself, following your own vision and feeling the power (prospect) of personal growth. You can regenerate yourself to feel more balanced (whole). It is okay, you are protected. 

Medium Sculpture
Dimension (h-w-d) 178 – 91 – 4,5 cm
Material Red cedar
Serial number Original one of a kind hand carved
Price € 17.355,- Excl. VAT

€ 21.000,- Incl. VAT

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  • Within EU ask for VAT regulations
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