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Bird in the Air, by Robert Davidson

The original to the serigraph, Bird in the Air, is an acrylic painting on canvas that was part of Robert Davidson’s 2013 show, Abstract Impulse, which showed at the Seattle Art Museum and then traveled to the Smithsonian in New York City.

Northwest Coast natives believe Eagle is closest to the Creator of all. By soaring great heights, he can travel between the physical world and the spiritual world. He is said to be a messenger to the Creator. Eagle is noble and is a symbol of sharing.

Eagles are known for their hunting skills, their great vision and their impressive sky dives for prey. With Eagle you feel power and intellect. It gives him the symbolism of foresight, making good choices, lofty ideals, leadership and also the pursuit of freedom. The wings of Eagle symbolize the balance and co-dependency between femininity and masculinity, and how each traits must work unitedly in order to achieve harmonious results. It is about achieving a sense of wholeness. Feathers of Eagle are believed to be sacred and with healing power. The feather transmits strength. They help people to speak honestly from the heart, without pain or anger. The middle vane in the feather symbolizes our lifepath. Every barb that comes of the middle vane symbolizes the choices we make in life – always attached to our main path of life.

For us, Eagle can represent a need for wisdom, insight or vision – sharing your truth or speaking from the heart. It can also indicate a need for wholeness. The coming together of two alter egos – multiple traits that are fighting for a place in your existence. Maybe you don’t have to deny parts of yourself, but you just need to experience the right balance. We feel the answer lies in bringing it all together.

Medium Serigraph
Year 2016
Dimensions (w-d-h) 126 x 91 cm (incl frame)
Material and  frame Paper Frame: Tray floater, blue bole with 12 carat white-gold. Glass:  Anti reflection 92% UV protection
Serial number 61/72
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€ 3.900,- Incl. VAT

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About the artist

Robert Charles Davidson (born 4 November 1946) is a Canadian artist of Haida heritage. Robert’s Haida name is G̲uud San Glans, which means “Eagle of the Dawn”. He is known internationally as a carver of totem poles and masks, printmaker, painter and jeweller. Robert is a leading figure in the renaissance of Haida art and culture.

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