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Fisherman’s Delight, by Robert Davidson

The central image is a spring salmon accompanied with the face of humanity.  Although humanty is responsible for the spring salmon to perish they are also heavily depending on this great creature.

In the right corner is the appearance of kuugan jaad. In Haida oral traditions, kuugan jaad, or Mouse Woman, is a supernatural being. She is often present in Haida origin stories, helping the storyline along and sometimes lending a hand to the human characters. From Roberts experience with kuugan jaad, she is created on a subconscious or a conscious level. Robert can consciously add a kuugan jaad in a design, or she will appear as he creates the design.

For us, this story is about deep knowing that everything is connected  and we all depend on eachother. Face this and live by this knowing. Be awake and trust that life always accompanies us with a guide.

Medium Painting
Year 2019
Dimensions (w-d-h)  158 x 158 x 6 cm (incl frame)
Material and  frame Acrylic paint on canvas. Frame: Floater tray and Water gilded 12 Karat whitegold on green bole
Original Yes
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About the artist

Robert Charles Davidson (born 4 November 1946) is a Canadian artist of Haida heritage. Robert’s Haida name is G̲uud San Glans, which means “Eagle of the Dawn”. He is known internationally as a carver of totem poles and masks, printmaker, painter and jeweller. Robert is a leading figure in the renaissance of Haida art and culture.

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