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Makwala, by Gus Cook

Moon symbolizes transform ratio, strength, empowerment and wholeness. 

The Native Moon Symbol is the protector and guardian of the earth. Moon has great power and illuminates the dark. Its spirit watches over us and can change tides (transformation). With most native Westcoast people Moon stands for male and Sun stands for female. Some say the sun, his wife, and Moon are the most powerful of beings. Together they are responsible for good luck and access to sufficient food. Moon plays often a part in dances and Ceremonies.

But how did we came upon the Moon? There are lots of stories to tell, but most Northern native people say that Raven was responsible for the gift of Moon.

For us, Moon is about the need for empowerment and wholeness. No day – Sun – exists without night – Moon. We believe that there many opposite traits – duality – in every person. Different traits can be useful with different situations. It is all about the finding the right balance and recognizing what a situation really needs from you. 

Medium Sculpture
Year 2020
Dimensions (w-d-h) 18 – 15 – 3,5 cm
Material Copper, abalone Custom made wooden stand with copper details
Serial number Original one of a kind Repousse
Price € 7.438,-  Excl. VAT

€ 9.000,- Incl. VAT

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  • Within EU ask for VAT regulations
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About the artist

Gus Cook (1982) became interested in the art and history of his people through cultural programs in elementary school. Later on, under the direction of his cousin Rande Cook, he discovered repoussé, an old European technique which involves working a sheet of metal from the reverse side in order too produce three-dimensional forms. Taking time to hone his skills, Gus has applied the repoussé technique to jewellery, sculpture and mixed media pieces such as rattles and masks.

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