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Shaman Mask, by Carl Stromquist

Shaman symbolizes the unknown and different levels of consciousness. 

Shamans are practitioners who can reach altered states of consciousness in order to perceive and interact with what they assume to be a spirit world. Westcoast native people believe souls of passed persons – their ghosts – have their own villages and social organizations in the spirit world.

Shamans are believed to be the only members of society who can undertake dangerous voyages to the spirit world. They do so to gather knowledge and channel transcendental energies into this world. Therefor shamans function as a mediator, healer, visionary, guide and counsellor.

Shamans are often depicted in transformation poses, with the eyes rolled back or half shut. This pose is suggestive of the state of the in-between, with the shaman being present in two states or worlds.

For us, this piece stands for embracing different levels of consciousness and the spiritual or deeper connection that some people can feel. Maybe we cannot fully grasp or understand it, but we at least we can do is respect it. 

Medium Sculpture
Year 2016
Dimension (h-w-d) 32 – 23 – 18 cm
Material Red cedar
Serial number Original one of a kind hand carved
Price € 6.818,- Excl. 21% VAT

€ 8.250,- Incl. 21% VAT

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