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Stories of the World Totem Pole, by Gerry Sheena

Totem poles are large carved poles (out of ‘tree of life’; cedar tree). The poles display the family crest and social status of a family. Most totem poles have both animal and human forms carved into them.  Carving and painting happens while the tree is lying flat on the ground on a small elevation. Because of the hight and weight of the pole it sometimes need working together of the whole village to raise the totem pole.

As our name suggests, the foundation of Moedhart lies in choosing from the heart. We believe it takes both courage and a sensory reawakening to connect with ourselves and with others. To trust in the wealth of knowledge we already possess. Our gallery is a space where Native art is central to self-exploration and storytelling.

We bring you our company story; our believes; our Totem Pole. For us, it is about insight, vision and communication; true connection. We feel that our story ​​is supported by the symbols of Eagle, Frog and Man(-kind).

Eagle. Eagle is one of the most important beings in the Northwest Coast art and mythology. Eagles are kwown for their hunting skills, their great vision and of course their impressive sky dives for their prey. When you think of Eagle you feel like they are with power and intellect. It gives them the symbolism of foresight, making good choices, loftly ideals and also the pursuit of freedom. In myths Eagle is often a noble figure. E.g. there is a story of Raven, who steals the light (Sun), and Eagle makes him set it free in the sky for everyone to enjoy.

To us, Eagle is about insight, focus, vision and sharing. The world is based on everyone’s own truth. Misunderstandings and escalation come from being stuck in your own truth or lack of focus. In our opinion respect is being prepared to look again; be attentive with open heart (without judgment) to truths of others. We have a wealth of knowlegde together. Let’s start sharing our stories, so everyone can enjoy.

Frog. There are many different kinds of frogs, toads, living on the Northwest Coast of Canada. Native Haida people call them ‘crab of the woods’. The creature is known to live in two worlds, land and water. Frog therefore has the wisdom and power to cross worlds. It is also believed that he takes part in natural and supernatural. Because of this Frog is the helper of Shamans. Frog is celebrated to be the voice of all people. He is a great communicator, his tongue (and sounds) reaches out far. It is to believed his sounds are magical.

For us, frog is about communication cross cultures, cross mankind. Our frog is sharing his tongue with Man(kind). His intention is to exchange knowlegde and power. Touching tongues will ensure this. Moedhart shares stories by means of native (close to nature) art. Our frog stands for making an effort for true connection on your own way. Power of communication is magic.

Man(-kind). We believe all people in their core are same. We may tell stories differently, but our deeper values, vulnerabilities and primary desires ​​are the same. For us, inner wisdom is common good and thus universal. It applies to all of us as people. We are all connected, we are better together.

Medium Sculpture
Year 2019
Dimension (h-w-d) 310 – 55 – 55 cm
Material Red cedar, abalone
Serial number Original one of a kind
Price € 41.322,- Excl. VAT

€ 50.000,- Incl. VAT

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  • Within EU ask for VAT regulations
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About the artist

Gerry Sheena (1964) was born in Merritt, British Columbia, Canada. He is a member of the Interior Salish Nation which inhabits the southern region of the province of British Columbia. Gerry takes the Bear as his family crest symbol. Bear is one of the most prevalent family crest figures. It is symbolic of strength, motherhood, and a guardian figure.

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