Trevor Angus

Trevor Angus (Tka’ast)(1970) grew up in the town of Kispiox, British Columbia. Trevor carved his first plaque in fourth grade under the instruction of Victor Mowatt.  Daniel Yunkws was also a teacher of his during this time.  His school craft teacher inspired him enormously. He pointed out the potential in Trevor’s work.

Trevor completed three years of training at the Gitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Indian Art at ‘Ksan in Hazelton, BC. He studied under Gitksan master carvers Ken Mowatt and Vernon Stephens, and spent six weeks in training jewellery with Art Wilson. Trevor has also worked with Haida artist Shawn Edenshaw and Nisga’a artist Robert Tait.

In 2013 and 2014, Trevor completed the Northwest Coast Jewelry Arts program at Vancouver’s Native Education College, learning repoussé and stone-setting techniques. He learned engraving techniques from renowned Gitksan jeweller Phil Janzé, engraving silver and gold jewellery.

Trevor is one of the best in the design and carving. He makes plaques, ladles, panels, masks, rattles, paddles and bentwood boxes. But his career could have taken a completely different turn. Trevor worked as a social worker for the first 10 years of his profession life. Making art was more of a hobby of him. But there was negativity in his live and he felt he had to follow a different path.

It was then that he decided to turn everything around in his life and he dedicated his life to art.

With the support of his wife, he had the guts to take a big risk and quit his paid job and turn his hobby into his new full-time job. And we are grateful for his choice. Trevor never regretted his choice, but he admits that it was difficult to build a name in the established order.

Trevor does not distinguish himself in terms of storytelling. Trevor’s uniqueness is in his composition of his art. He is very talented and creative with how he displays symbols and totem spirits. He is working on new types of jewelry design techniques, employing laser engraving technology to make beautiful and intricate designs for wearable art pieces.

Work from this artist