OPENING WEEKEND    1 & 2 October

11:00  –  19:00



During the search of a new venue it has been an interesting process in what I was feeling that was good for Moedhart Gallery.

In that journey I came across many beautiful places and enjoyed exploring them but I did not feel like it was “The Place” to settle.

And as Moedhart is so integrated in my personal being I came to the insight that I did not feel like settling at the moment myself and that it would be special to go on adventure together to different venues and cities where we can share the Art – Culture – Stories of the First Nations from the Pacific Northwest Coast with people that we connect to a long the path that we are creating.

I am very pleased to share with you that Moedhart Gallery will start this big adventure in ROTTERDAM! From the 1st of October till end of December I will do a POP-UP gallery in the beautiful venue “Westelijk Handelsterrein”.

Love to see you there,

Edward Tchai
Moedhart Gallery

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