Jennifer Younger

Jennifer Younger (1972) is a Tlingit artist from Southeast Alaska (USA). She grew up as a member of the Eagle Kaagwaantaan clan in Yakutat, where she spent her childhood surrounded by nature and traditional ways of life. As an accomplished metal artist, she is known for her carvings and jewellery pieces, particularly in copper and silver.

Inspiration for Jennifer’s designs comes from both Tlingit crafts and traditions, as well as from natural hues and botanical elements. The technique she applies is very much of her own invention – cutting all metal by hand and often using wooden tools she has made herself to give shape to her jewellery. This results in stunning one-of-a-kind pieces Jennifer hopes will resonate with human beings all around the world:

“With my creations, my goal is to reach beyond the Northwest Coast. Reaching people across the globe will hopefully draw them into where I am from. And people will see that what indigenous people are doing is relevant today.”

Jennifer caught our attention from the outset. We’re big fans of her boundless energy and the way she surprises through the art she makes.

Work from this artist