The minute you see the perfect work of art for you, you know it’s right. The lighting and space in the Gallery are designed to emphasize the art, but will it still look this amazing in your own home or office? Will it match your furniture? Isn’t it too big for your space? What if your walls aren’t quite right as a background? We get it; once you decide to spend your money on a work of art, you want to know everything is aligned. We’re here to help. 

Years of experience

Edward Tchai

Edward has been in design and interior consultancy for more than two decades and loves to guide you in the process of buying a great piece of art and how to present it in your space at his best.

“Art is all about a deep connection to our feelings. Sometimes there are words to describe that feeling and many times there are no words to describe it. Art tickles our senses and it brings an energy that you know it belongs to you and your inner self.

I feel that a space is also a piece of art and when everything is beautifully balanced it gives the same deep connection to our heart and soul.

To have a piece of art displayed in a space it has to find the right position to have the presence to give the energy that it brings. When the piece of art and the space are connected you know and feel it is right.”

Edward Tchai

I would like to guide you find that piece of art that connects perfectly with your space and would love to come over to your space and together with you feel what the space and piece of art needs.

Elements that you can think of in this process:
  • Positioning

  • Presentation

  • Lighting

  • Use of colors in the space

  • Installation

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