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Riiibit, by Ben Davidson

Frog – crab of the woods – is celebrated to be the voice of all people and to bring happiness. He is a great communicator. His tongue (and sounds) reaches out far. Frog sounds are magical. 

“This Frog emerged from the cedar of the Haida Gwaii in the same way hlq’iaan q’usdann emerge from the forest after the rain. I had a piece of cedar in my studio that I wanted to turn into a panel. Usually, I cut a piece of Cedar in half and glue the pieces together to make a more traditionally shaped panel, but this piece of cedar was so beautiful that I felt compelled to honor it and to find the design within its wholeness rather that its pieces. What emerged was this frog who was so stretched out and filled with life that he almost escaped from the wood. This limited edition print is the same composition, a stretched out Frog. The black and red honor our history and the yellow of his foot honors our ability to innovate during times of change, for these innovations are the key to strengthening our resiliency. “

Ben Davidson, 2017

For us, It is about respecting the beauty of nature. Cedar is the ‘tree of life’, lovely creations will come from this. 

Medium Serigraph
Year 2017
Dimensions (w-d-h) 107 – 29 – 4,5 cm (incl frame)
Material frame Anti-reflective glass UV70, red cedar
Serial number 4 / 6 Remarque
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About the artist

Ben Davidson (1976 – 2020) was a Haida artist who used his traditional knowledge of Haida design to create innovative and unique contemporary pieces which are sought after by discerning collectors around the world. Although he specialized in wood sculptures and jewelry, Ben also created two-dimensional designs and was interested in exploring new techniques.

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