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The Journey, by Steve Smith

Day turning to night or night into day, either way the red sky mixed with the blue and purples and greens makes me feel happy. There is a lot going on in this painting and a lot to explore. Discovering something new and different after glancing away is what I was trying to accomplish in this painting. From the backgrounds free flowing movement to the intentional yet imperfect design elements of the pacific northwest coast, it is play for me at it’s purest and I thank you for giving me the opportunity for such a wonderful gift.

There are at least 3 salmon trout heads (abundance, new life) there is an owl (wisdom and knowledge),a bear (strength) a raven (creator) and an eagle (peace, friendship and freedom). There are spirits or beings that do not yet have a body, but have eyes and are starting to form(top of painting on all 3 panels) and light beings (the circles around the eagle).

The symbolism is that everything is flowing into peace and friendship and freedom(eagle in 3rd panel).

Medium Painting
Year 2020
Dimensions (w-d-h) 3x 122 – 92 – 4 cm
Material frame Canvas and acrylic paint
Serial number Original one of a kind
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About the artist

Steve Smith (Dla’kwagila) (1968) was born in Oweekeno Village in Campbell River, B.C. In 1987, Steve was introduced to both carving and painting by his late father, Kwakwaka’wakw artist Harris Smith (Lalkawilas). Their collaborative effort produced unique sculptures in basswood, yellow cedar and alder. Smith Steve has also worked with his brother, established Kwakwaka’wakw artist Rod Smith.

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