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Raven Panel, by Trevor Angus

Raven symbolizes the unknown, wholeness, knowledge and has the power to clarify visions. He makes you aware of different perceptions and the subtlety of the truth. Everybody has their own truth. 

In most Northwest coast stories Raven is intelligent, curious, ahead of its time and resourceful, yet selfish, greedy and deceitful. Raven is called a joker, a trickster or even a thief. He follows his own satisfaction of needs, and gets himself often in trouble. But difficult situations ensure that he is at his creative best – stumbling on great things. It is said Raven brought Sun, Moon, Stars (fire and water) and humankind to the world. One supernatural power which is attributed to Raven, is the power to transform both himself and other beings. There are more animals of whom is said they can transform, but only themselves and not to every form. Raven is the most accomplished transformer of them all.

Some believe Raven is the alter-ego of Eagle (and vice versa). Many stories are about their division and their coming together. If you see Raven in this sense, it is all about wholeness. Two halves that can be one, better together.

For us, Raven is about perception – how you experience ‘good’ and ‘bad’. It can indicate a need for wholeness, vision and acceptance. You don’t have to deny parts of yourself. Even assumed ‘bad’ traits can lead to ‘good’ things. It is in the eye of the beholder. You are your own beholder – you are the maker of your own truth. 

Medium Sculpture
Year 2019
Dimensions (w-d-h) 91 – 91 – 4 cm
Material Red cedar, acrylic paint
Serial number Original one of a kind hand carved
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About the artist

Trevor Angus (Tka’ast)(1970) grew up in the town of Kispiox, British Columbia. Trevor carved his first plaque in fourth grade under the instruction of Victor Mowatt.  Daniel Yunkws was also a teacher of his during this time.  His school craft teacher inspired him enormously. He pointed out the potential in Trevor’s work.

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