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Four Fold Way, by Roy Henry Vickers

EAST is the direction of Teacher. The season is Spring (when new life awakens all over our mother earth). The color yellow is inspired by that great yellow ball of fire, that we call Sun, who gives life to earth. The instrument of Teacher is the bell. It’s used around the world to bring us together for learning. Teacher shows lessons that are there for you. They are to be learned so that you have something to teach others. Realize that we are the future for next generations, we are mentors. Teacher gives good lessons of truth, strength and beauty.

SOUTH is the Healer. The season is Summer. Healer makes you aware that two emotions have the same gift when we process them – joy and pain give the gift of healing in life. We all go through trauma in life and it is Healer (the one in us) that makes something positive of pain and joy. The graphite represents the darkness that is part of us all and the red copper color represents the red road, the healing road. This red road stands for sobriety of mind, for those who discipline themselves to think soberly and take whatever action is necessary for peace, love, strength, truth, and beauty. The shape of the human with open arms is a shape that is similar to the soul catcher. The soul catcher is used by the Healer to help capture and bring back those parts of us that run away and hide in the face of abuse and traumatic events. These old ways of healing are important. We make a difference in the world around us as our healing helps us to bring healing to others.

WEST is the Visionary. The season is Fall. The color is midnight blue. The human represented is male and the instrument is the click sticks. Click sticks used to be the bones of our ancestors and have come to be the drumsticks used around the world. Visionary emphasizes our given vision as humans to see with our inner eyes the road we travel and how we move through this world.

NORTH is the Warrior. The season is Winter. The color is white. The face is the face of the Elder. The shape over the eyes is the armor of the Northwest Coast Warrior. Warrior reveals in darkness the true leader will be a beacon of light illuminating the way in truth, strength, and beauty. The instrument of the Leader is the rattle and so Warrior is shaking the rattle and asking for the courage to stand against adversity.

We believe that these wind directions are part of us all. Every situation that comes our way asks us to choose one of the directions – 
‘our Fourfold way’. Self-actualization is pure commitment to live life following merely our own inner compass. 

Medium Serigraph
Year 2009-2010
Dimensions (w-d-h) 115 – 90 – 4 cm (incl frame)
Material frame Anti-reflective glass UV70, red cedar, gold plated
Serial number 2x 2/5, 2x 4/5 Remarque
Price € 20.660,- Excl. VAT

€ 25.000,- Incl. VAT

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  • Within EU ask for VAT regulations
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About the artist

Roy Henry Vickers (1946) is an accomplished First Nations artist raised at the northwest coast of British Columbia, Canada. Roy is a past president of the Northwest Coast Indians Artist’s Guild. He is currently living in Hazelton, Canada, BC.  Roy was raised in Kitkatla, Hazelton and Victoria. You may say he has returned to his roots. The Village of Hazelton is a small town located at the junction of the Bulkley and Skeena Rivers, nestled at the foot of Stigyooden (Roche de Boule Mountain).

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