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Solstice 2003, by Roy Henry Vickers

“It was one of those cold, wet, West Coast days and my buddy, Larry and I braved the elements to show my son, Gord some of our favorite fishing holes. We paddled canoes up a few creeks and pulled them up the shallow fast water. Gord survived a baptism of icy water through torn chest waders. At the end of the day I recall Gord’s ironic comment, “You guys actually call this fun?”

Many years have passed and Gord is now a seasoned and experienced fly fisherman who teaches me a few things. A visit to Gord’s will reveal gear, wardrobe, and boats to fish through sun, sleet, rain, hail, or snow on lake or river. My wife says that when Gord’s not fishing he is probably thinking of fishing. We’ve spent many days over the years together in the wilderness enjoying the time with fishing rods in hand. I recall one New Years Day at daybreak in Haida Gwaii when Gord caught a steelhead on his own hand tied fly.

This one particular eve we sat on a log and waited for the magic hours as Gord explained the coming event. He told me how he loved the sky turning soft shades of pink and mauve as the breeze died down. The waters would calm and reveal trout rising along the flats at high tide. I listened in awe to this young man who wondered some years back if this could actually be fun. In a few minutes I gazed through tear filled eyes as my son cast his fly expertly to the cutthroat trout schooling around him. I observed an excellent fisherman with a knowledge of entomology and a great appreciation for the mystery of the natural world around him.

So this change of seasons, this Winter Solstice 2003, I am cognizant of the many turning points in my life and the love, joy, and, peace, that have come as a result of good choices.”

Roy Henry Vickers

Medium Serigraph
Year 2003
Dimensions (w-d-h)  57 x 43 x 3,5 cm (incl frame)
Material frame Silkscreen print on paper, Frame:Red cedar with grey wash, Glass: Anti reflection 92% UV protection
Serial number 56/150
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€ 850,- Incl. VAT

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About the artist

Roy Henry Vickers (1946) is an accomplished First Nations artist raised at the northwest coast of British Columbia, Canada. Roy is a past president of the Northwest Coast Indians Artist’s Guild. He is currently living in Hazelton, Canada, BC.  Roy was raised in Kitkatla, Hazelton and Victoria. You may say he has returned to his roots. The Village of Hazelton is a small town located at the junction of the Bulkley and Skeena Rivers, nestled at the foot of Stigyooden (Roche de Boule Mountain).

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