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Spirit Bear, by Roy Henry Vickers

“I will continue to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.” Roy Henry Vickers, 2012 

Spirit Bear is a limited edition original serigraph print made in 2012 by First Nations artist Roy Henry Vickers. He was inspired to create this piece after visiting the Great Bear Rainforest on the pacific coast of British Columbia, home to the rarest bear on earth: the all-white spirit bear.

“My life has been a love affair with British Columbia and it’s beautiful coast. I learned of the incredible life of whales and how they depend totally on echo location or sonar to communicate and came to the realization that they could not live and feed in the waters of Whale Channel with the daily presence of super tankers. I will keep returning to the Great Bear area and Whale Point to study the whales and visit with the beautiful Spirit Bear. Meanwhile I will use my voice to teach those who do not know of this priceless area of our coastline. It is my honour to be involved at a deep emotional level in protecting my home and native land.”

We believe that the essence lies in connecting to (our) Nature. When we open our eyes (and hearts), we will feel her greatness. Our materialistic contemporary world is all about creating more needs for luxury (and feeding our discontent and unrest). Scaling up…more…more…more. We tend to ignore and exhaust Nature in this process.. But in Nature lies true meaning. So speak up… 

Medium Serigraph
Year 2012
Dimensions (w-d-h) 77,5 – 62 – 4,5 cm (incl frame)
Material frame Anti-reflective glass UV70, red cedar,
silver plated
Serial number 1 / 10 Remarque
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About the artist

Roy Henry Vickers (1946) is an accomplished First Nations artist raised at the northwest coast of British Columbia, Canada. Roy is a past president of the Northwest Coast Indians Artist’s Guild. He is currently living in Hazelton, Canada, BC.  Roy was raised in Kitkatla, Hazelton and Victoria. You may say he has returned to his roots. The Village of Hazelton is a small town located at the junction of the Bulkley and Skeena Rivers, nestled at the foot of Stigyooden (Roche de Boule Mountain).

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